Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g
Urth Tree Flavour 250g

Urth Tree Flavour 250g

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The creators of the popular charcoal series Cocourth has taken their first step into the shisha flavour game. After almost 2 years of testing, their latest formula has been finalised and approve by many, including us, as the perfect new entry into the herbal shisha market.

The Urth Tree collection is 100% nicotine and tobacco free, they use all natural ingredients for flavoring in each blend and real apples to create a fine cut base. This new cut of flavour looks almost identical to standard shisha tobacco, and it produces great clouds with impressive flavor output. These new blends will provide you with enough juice to have a long lasting sessions that mirror the length of a traditional hookah tobacco experience.

APPLICIOUS - Looking for the father of all hookah flavors that started it all, one that takes you way back with each puff? Well look no further. Applicious provides you with a bold yet very distinct apple flavor with that perfect touch of anise and licorice. An absolute classic.

BANANBanana flavored hookah, is considered one of the toughest crowd pleaser. But wait till you try UrthTree Banan. A wonderfully delicious treat, with the right amount of sweet and pungent tones, that seem to get everyone’s approval.

CHIL'EM - Do you want to awaken your taste buds with a tangy and spicy mix? Set your taste buds a tingling with our Chil’em flavor, a sweet and citrussy, mildly hot and pungent flavor that is sure to make you crave for more.

GREPFRUT - One of many flavors, that is loved, either as a great mixer, or smoked on it’s own. Approach and sniff with precaution, and get your smell buds ready to be overwhelmed, yet very gentle, by the citrus toners of the deliciousness of a ripe Grapefruit.

GREPMINT - Wondering what the second most oldest flavor that ever existed and smoked worldwide was? Well there you go. UrthTree GrepMnt, offers the best of both worlds put together in one, with the perfect balance of green grapes and fresh mint. Sure will make you wanting more.

GUMMNT - Another original flavor from the OG pioneers of our industry, who introduced a cool breath like sensation into our regular accustomed mint taste buds. A perfect replacement to chewing that spearmint gum on your date night with that special someone.

HEAVEN'S BERRI - A brilliant berry bonanza! Heaven’s Berri Molasses is a tasty combination of sweet and tart berry flavors. You will enjoy notes of Blackberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry, as well as long lasting clouds of thick smoke.

PEACHAI - Are you looking for a refreshing peach chai iced tea flavor for sipping on a hot summer day? We’ve got you covered. Introducing the Peachai blend, a perfectly sweet, refreshing, mega peachy flavor, with hints of cinnamon and other rich spices found in Chai. It’s so refreshing, making it perfect for these hot summer days.

SPIKY PINE - Do you want to bite into a sweet and juicy pineapple? Indulge in our Spiky Pine instead, with it’s exotic tang that is sure to give a burst of flavor as good as the refreshing tropical fruit.

TWISTED MNT - Give in to the cool sensation of our Twisted Mnt flavor. It’s icy cold, minty fresh, rich with smoke, and a must-have for creating your own mixes, it can also be enjoyed perfectly well on it’s own.


  • 100% dried apples
  • Natural Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Fruit extracted molasses
  • FDA certified flavorings

Urths tobacco free Molasses is cut like conventional blonde leaf tobacco Molasses. This results in a unique and euphoric smoking experience