Solaris Bowl Phunnel - Prometheus

Solaris Bowl Phunnel - Prometheus

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Solaris Prometheus bowl Is a clay bowl cowered with glaze. The bowl provides a good uniform warm-up, which contributes to a long soft tobacco Smoking. The shape of the volcano has slits, which does not allow the hookah to lose traction if you like to smoke on the foil.

FLAT DEPOT – The tobacco tub of the Solaris head is flat, which guarantees an even distribution of tobacco.

ROUND THING – The clay head has a pleasantly fine surface and all transitions have a flowing shape,

PERFECTLY CLEANING – Due to the construction, no tobacco residue can collect inside the head. With some warm water and, if necessary, washing-up liquid, the head will be really clean again. The Solaris Phunel Prometheus enables long smoking sessions with low tobacco consumption, can be smoked with aluminum foil and offers optimal heat distribution.

Dimensions: Height: approx. 8.2 cm

Depth tobacco depot: approx. 15mm

Outside diameter: approx. 7.2 cm

Inner diameter: approx. 5.8 cm

Capacity: 12-17gr

Made from heat resistant Russian Clay