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  • Length: 90" (Including Handle)
  • Handle Length: 21"
  • Ultra Wide Gauge Hose For Maximum Airflow
  • 100% Washable


The Maximus washable shisha hose by Starbuzz is one of the must have products in Starbuzz's line of high quality hookah accessories and hardware. 


When it comes to length, you really can't beat the Maximus shisha hose. Seriously, 90"! That's 7' 6" long, meaning this hose is taller than most professional basketball players. Lay Shaq down in your living room, add 5", and that's how far the Maximus shisha hose reaches. You can take it anywhere in the room and not have to worry about accidentally pulling your shisha over!


The threading on this Starbuzz wide gauge (1" diameter) shisha hose is impeccable, ensuring quality seals over and over again, no matter how many times you need to wash your Maximus Starbuzz hookah hose. When it's time to upgrade to the best quality and air flow available, the Maximus hose is a great choice.

Starbuzz® Maximus Hose - White/Green