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Blueberry - Bold and sugary, Heaven Leaf Blueberry is a nursery of tart fruit and sugared floral flavours. Cooling yet robust, it offers a potent blend of seasoned jam and sweetened juice that combines well with its creamier counterparts.


Bubble Gum - As playful as the candy, Heaven Leaf Bubble Gum will have you smiling at the memory of gazing into a giant fishbowl of colourful, round treats as you dig into your pockets for a coin. Lightly fruity, its palatable flavours bring you the sweet taste of nostalgia and innocence.


Cheesecake Fudge - As mouth-watering as the dish, Heaven Leaf Cheesecake Fudge achieves the velvety richness of dark chocolate with the tart creaminess of cheesecake. Decadent and filling with notes of hazelnut and candied lemon, our Cheesecake Fudge pairs best with any of our Fruity, Berry, and lighter Creamy flavours.


Double Apple (Anise Apple) - A flavour with centuries of history, Heaven Leaf Anise Apple brings a new twist to the original Double Apple flavour yet highlights the tradition of a bold and aromatic medley of licoricey, anise, and apple. Sweet and robust, it stands on its own, or can be paired with a touch of mint for a fragrant and relaxing experience.


Expresso - Heaven Leaf Espresso is the sunlight combing through a cedar tree’s branches; it is warm and profound yet will not overshadow a flavour when mixed. Roasted coffee with earthy blends of toasted wood and ripened dark fruits make this the perfect way to greet the morning or to unwind after a long work day.


Maple Pancake - Nothing was more pleasant in childhood than waking up to humming in the kitchen with the sizzling of breakfast, and now you can treat yourself to just that with our Maple Pancake. Its captivating aroma of deep vanilla, aged bourbon, and caramelized brown sugar create a confectionery when smoked as the layers of taste reveal cinnamon, clove, hazelnut, and honey. One of our strongest flavours, it is a mouthful on its own, but is wonderful to pair with any Fruity for a berry pancake experience, as well as any Creamy to build into an indulgent dessert. With every puff, you’ll find yourself the one singing a happy tune.


Orange - Stroll through a ripened grove on a spring afternoon with Heaven Leaf Orange. Piquant yet dulcet, it is a delicate balance of citrus-infused honey, giving a zesty start to revitalize and finishing with aromatic strokes of nectar and cherry blossom.


Peppermint - Crunching snow underfoot in the shade of an evergreen forest, Heaven Leaf Peppermint is one of our boldest flavours that places you in the bed of winter in time for the holidays. With intense eucalyptus and damp cedar wood, this cooling mint has subtle hints of vanilla and pine oil to make it refreshing and the perfect way to amplify any flavour. *Please note this is quite a strong flavour*


Spiced Chai - Heaven Leaf Chai Spice embodies our quest for flavour accuracy. Blended cinnamon, ginger, and clove with hints of pepper and cardamom bring a milky and full-bodied experience that conveys the warmth of a cabin fireplace.


Wild Berry - A symphony of blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry, Heaven Leaf Wild Berry presents a chorus of sweet and tart that tickles the senses on every puff. Cooling, yet floral and tingling with bites of tang and zest, it is a concoction ripened for mixing with nearly any flavour.


Please note this is not real tobacco. This is Teabacco made from tea leaves. 

Heaven Leaf Teabacco 100g